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Restaurant la Pyramide, Vienne

Patrick Henriroux, 2 Michelin stars
"La Pyramide" located in the eponym hotel, invites guests in a gastronomic travel through a delicate starred cuisine. Modern meals or old-fashioned taste of days gone, the food is served in a sublimely dining room with a view on a French style garden.

Reopening the Pyramide in 1989, which had been made famous by Fernand Point, was a challenge Patrick Henriroux took up at the age of 29, somewhat rashly but with great enthusiasm and energy. Today, his cuisine is modern but still keeps faith with traditional produce, in particular vegetables from the Rhone valley.

Less than a year after it opened in Vienne in 1989, Patrick Henriroux was awarded its first star in the Michelin Guide. A second followed in 1992. Since then, Patrick and his wife Pascale have continued to provide a superior-quality welcome and cuisine that they like to sum up with these words: "We don't forget the past, but we also don't forget to stay in touch with modern tastes.
As a result, in 2009 they opened a new restaurant, "Le PH3", with a resolutely modern décor where the chefs work in an island-style kitchen in full view of the diners.
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